Month: June 2016

Skye Wallace and friends sing Blood Moon on a cliff in Rocky Harbour

Skye Wallace and friends Michelle Faehrmann (harmonies) and Rachael Cardiello (viola and harmonies) joined us at the edge of Salmon Point in Rocky Harbour, NL to record Skye’s new song, Blood Moon. Find out more about Skye Wallace at Don’t miss another video from this session, featuring Skye Wallace performing Klondike. Click here to check it… Read More

Timelapse of magical fog moving in Bonne Bay

Sunny days are common around Bonne Bay, and every now and then you get a foggy day. But sometimes you get a day that is both sunny and foggy, like we saw on June 23, 2016. People in the area could only describe the sunny day fog in one way: magical. This video shows a number… Read More