Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane is a digital storyteller and the creative director of Old Crow Magazine. Tom's photography and videography work can be found at is based in Newfoundland, Canada.

Stories by Tom Cochrane

Earle and Coffin return to Gros Morne with Hopeless Situation

Following a lot of success around the world, blues duo Earle and Coffin returned to Gros Morne National Park in July 2017 for performances in Woody Point and Norris Point. They brought a series of brand new songs with them, including this one: Hopeless Situation. Find out more about Earle and Coffin at their website.

En Riet perform Bottle live on the wharf

When Toronto-based folk-collective En Riet made their way through Gros Morne in June 2017, we knew that we had to find somewhere special to record together. Even though they were performing at the Julia Ann Walsh Centre, we made our way north earlier in the day to find this wharf and a few boats, where… Read More