Creative Gros Morne launching Artist Studio Tour, Open Studio Days

Creative Gros Morne is launching Open Studio Days in Gros Morne, allowing you to visit artists’ studios on June 17-18, 2017 (9am-4pm) to watch them at work, learn about what they do, and maybe try your hand!

Artists are located throughout Gros More National Park. Visit them and enter to win $50 gift certificate redeemable towards purchase at participating studios!

Participating studios/artists

Studio 167Timeless-Space

Shawn McNevin
Start of Lighthouse Trail
Cow Head

Shawn McNevin was born in Deep River, Ontario, moved to Ottawa in the mid 60’s.  She graduated in Commercial Art from Algonquin College in 1971 and worked as a Graphic Designer until 1986.  Pursuing her interest in Visual Arts, Shawn entered into full time studies at the Ottawa School of Art and graduated in 1989.  Shawn paints full time and operates Studio 167 from May to October in Cow Head, NL and November to April in Chelsea, QC.

(709) 458-7870


Karole Haycock Pittman StudioK studio

Last House on Main Street North
Rocky Harbour

Karole Haycock Pittman learned the art of painting from her father, who painted with A.Y. Jackson, the founding member of the Group of Seven. Her father exposed Karole to the art form from an early age, and she began painting herself at the age of seven. Karole does all of her painting outdoors and has to battle the Newfoundland elements in order to create her work. Karole works mostly with oil paints but has started to experiment with acrylics and has begun to add people into her paintings.


The Glass Stationpintails-Urve 2

Urve Manuel
31 Main Street
Rocky Harbour

Urve Manuel is a self-taught glass sculptor. Her creations include the Pâte de verre technique which uses both crushed and powder glass. Urve also works with kiln-formed glass, handmade moulds and leaded glass. Urve was born in Montreal and has lived all over the country but has called Gros Morne home full time for four years and loves it.

(709) 640-6165


Barbara Bellows StudioBBProfile

Julia Ann Walsh Centre (lower)
1 Hospital Lane
Norris Point

Demonstration of pastel techniques.
Take home a small painting that you make. Sanded paper and the use of pastels provided.

Barbara Bellows is an artist who works mostly with pastels and oil paints. Originally from New Hampshire, she studied music at University began her visual artwork after completing her degree in music education.
709 458 3021


Hunky DoryCharlie Payne, Hunky Dory in Woody Point, Western (1024x703)

Charlie and Joan Payne
60 Main Street
Woody Point

Originally a musician, Charlie began creating wood pieces in 1998 when he left the music industry. Music is still a major passion for Charlie, and he will gladly play a song for guests in the studio on his accordion that he always keeps behind the counter.
(709) 453 2304


Galliott Studios095-galliot studio

Jennifer Galliott
10 Water Street
Woody Point

Jennifer Galliott has always been creating in some form. It started when she was a child sewing clothes for her dolls. In University she studied textiles, jewellery making and glass blowing. After graduating, she taught herself pottery making. In the winter her focus is on weaving tapestry and in the spring and fall, she focuses on pottery making.
(709) 453-2142


Lise Sorensen’s Studio of Fine ArtL. studio

(Sunday Only, Saturday by chance)
138 Main Road
Woody Point

Lise has been teaching painting and drawing for 30 years in Newfoundland and Quebec and has studied art in Toronto, Montreal and New York. Lise also trained with the Group of Seven’s Arthur Lisan.
(514) 931-9189


Molly Made Fibre Arts StudioMolly Made Fibre Art Studio, Woody Point, Western (800x533)

Molly White
20 Crawley’s Cove Road
Woody Point

Offering hands on demonstrations and workshops in the art of traditional rug hooking that was passed down from our grandmothers. Keeping the crafts of rug hooking, knitting, crocheting,  felting and spinning alive.

Molly Made Studio sells made-in-shop craft kits and fine art and craft from local artist and artisans.
(709) 453 2538


Margaret King (at Molly Made Fibre Arts Studio)Aunt Maggie's

An avid knitter who has maintained a studio in Woody Point for 20 years. Much of Maggie’s work uses traditional patterns and techniques with her own variations for modern tastes.

Aunt Maggie’s Homespun
(709) 453-7282


Kris Oravec Studiof0f8f9_ed85dc92bf9a44cf8b9bd5549ca4dccc.jpg

Kris Oravec

The Studio, The Yellow House
196 Tablelands Drive,
Route 431,
Shoal Brook

Kris paints and prints in a bright yellow studio on a cliff over the sea, where she explores the psychological landscapes of memory and dream, story and emotion.

Landscapes, portraits, and houses are reduced to simple form and colour to allow the viewer to encounter these from their own experience and memories, to tease out their own personal meanings.

Kris mostly works with acrylic paints, though may be printing when you come down.


T. Murdock Wilson (at Kris Oravec Studio)DSCF0413

T. Murdoch Wilson is a multimedia artist working in Bonne Bay South.

For me, creating art is a way of making visible and communicating my experience of the physical and spiritual duality of life.  I create paintings and sculptures using the encaustic medium (beeswax, resin, and pigment); I’m drawn to its warmth, immediacy, thickness, and translucence.  I often incorporate fibre (canvas, thread, twine, yarn) and found objects (rusty wire, bones, driftwood, shells, rocks) into my artwork.  I intend for these creations to exist not solely as representations of forms, ideas, or emotions, but as objects in their own right, revealing their own identity and sensuality.
(709) 215-1175

For more information on the Studio Tour open studio days please call Creative Gros Morne at (709) 458-3410.