Fretboard Journey bring their guitar prowess to Woody Point

Bring together four of the best guitar players in Newfoundland and Labrador and you get something special. Well, to be specific, you get Fretboard Journey. Made up of Gordon Quinton, Craig Young, Duane Andrews, and Sandy Morris, this quartet has been bring their different styles of playing together in really incredible ways.

Fretboard Journey performed at Writers at Woody Point 2015, and we met up with them down by the water for an Old Crow Music Session. They didn’t have a name for this set, so they called it The Galliott Set, named after the coffee shop/art gallery that we filmed in.


Writers at Woody Point is a literary festival, happening every year in August in Woody Point, NL. Learn more about Writers at Woody Point at See more from Writers at Woody Point here.

Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane is a digital storyteller and the creative director of Old Crow Magazine. Tom's photography and videography work can be found at Tom is based in Newfoundland, Canada.