Gros Morne History: “BLACK HILL,” Bonne Bay, as it was in August 1933

Photo by Carl Dunbar, 1933

Carl Dunbar, a visiting geologist from Yale University, took this photograph looking across “The Anchorage” from the shore road in Woody Point.  Some say that this neighbourhood was once known as Black Hill, but why I am not sure. The only building in this photograph still standing is that of Lisa Sorenson (circled in blue). Note the extensive fields above the houses and the old road (yellow) to Winterhouse Brook. The road to Trout River cuts across these fields now, and my home and Gayle Tapper’s now occupy these former pastures.

Antony Berger

Antony Berger is the author of The Good and Beautiful Bay: A History of Bonne Bay (to Confederation and a Little Beyond).