Gros Morne History: The Jersey Room


Photo from the Yale University Archives (1933)

This photograph, taken in the summer of 1933 by an American visitor, shows the old Jersey Room building in Woody Point, about where the Granite Café now stands. Fishermen from the Channel Islands would leave their gear here when they returned home for the winter. At this time, the Bonne Bay post office was in the lower story, just behind the bullock.

The building can also be identified in the well-known Holloway photo taken around 1901.  The bullock was probably Bob Noel’s: oxen were then common around the Bay. The figure on the left side with his back to the camera was likely Edgar Roberts, who was always well-turned out. The other two men are unknown.

1901 The Jersey Room circled. Looking across the Anchorage (modified from a Holloway photo)

Antony Berger

Antony Berger is the author of The Good and Beautiful Bay: A History of Bonne Bay (to Confederation and a Little Beyond).