Gros Morne Summer Music announces 2017 summer season /w Duane Andrews, Mintze Wu and more

Yvette Coleman performs during the 2016 Gros Morne Summer Music season.

Gros Morne Summer Music is back for another season in 2017, with a full lineup of performances in Woody Point, ranging from traditional Newfoundland music, to classical, to theatre, and more.

Tickets and season passes for Gros Morne Summer Music’s 2017 season can be bought online at their website,

Here’s the full list of shows for the 2017 Gros Morne Summer Music season in Woody Point:

Ramblin’ Rovers

July 7 St. Pats 8 pm

The Ramblin’ Rovers are a traditional band known for rollicking, foor-stopming shows, combining a mixture of Irish, Newfoundland, and Folk music.



July 13, 27, and August 24 at St. Pats, 8 pm

Back for another season, Hardtack is bringing three tribute shows to the GMSM stage: Bird on a Wire, songs of Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot and other great Canadian songwriters; Country Classics, the music of Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and more, and a tribute to Stan Rogers and Ron Hynes.


Duane Andrews & Aaron Collis

July 20 at St. Pats 8 pm

One of Newfoundland’s finest guitarists, Duane Andrews teams up with Aaron Collis to perform instrumental music that’s based in local traditional songs, but also includes some gypsy jazz.


Mena, Charlie, and Darren

August 3 St. Pats 8 pm

Mena, Charlie, and Darren are back for toe-tapping, sing-along traditional music from some of the best players on the west coast of Newfoundland.


Mintze and Charlie

August 10 St. Pats 8 pm

Taiwanese violinist, Mintze Wu and Newfoundland accordion player, Charlie Payne have been enthralling audiences with their joyous presentation of traditional music for years.


An Evening with Jody Richardson Featuring…

July 28 St. Pats 8 pm

One of Newfoundland’s most accomplished artists, front man Jody Richardson gathers some friends for an eclectic night of song and storytelling.


Death of the Pugilist

August 16 St. Pats 10:30 pm

August 18 St. Pats 4 pm

Based on a short story by Daniel Mason and set to a score of traditional and classical music by Mintze Wu, The Death of the Pugilist is a riveting story of a boxing showdown. Narrated by sports broadcaster, Stephen Brunt, featuring Mintze Wu, Diederik van Dijk, Paul Fadoul, and Lou McDonald.


Yvette Coleman

August 25 St. Pats 8 pm

The past year has been monumental for Yvette in her development as a songwriter & as a recording/performing pop artist. She is eager to share her stories with you, give you a preview of her new single release, and the music that inspired this exciting journey.


Reele and Trewe

July 6 Merchant Warehouse 8 pm

July 14 Merchant Warehouse 10 pm

July 21 Merchant Warehouse 8 pm

The Reele and Trewe History of Newfoundland Abridged and Inebriated is part musical comedy, part theatre sport, part drinking game, and always teetering between brilliance and utter disaster! Come experience the history of Newfoundland in this exuberant way.


The White Feather of Woody Point

August 4 St. Pats 8 pm

August 5 St. Pats 2 pm

August 11 St. Pats 8 pm

August 12 St. Pats 2 pm

August 18 St. Pats 10:30 pm

August 19 St. Pats 2 pm

Old Woody Point, it’s buildings, stories, songs, and characters come alive as theatre and music combine in this gripping tale of a soldier’s painful return from War.

Find out more about Gros Morne Summer Music and their 2017 season, including performances happening outside of Gros Morne, and buy tickets and season passes at their website,