Gros Morne Summer Music open new historical comedy, Reele and Trewe

Reele and Trewe features (L-R) Tom Brennan, Nick Hamlyn, Ian Locke, and Mark Bradbury.

Many of us know the basics of Newfoundland history, but a new show from Gros Morne Summer Music puts a new spin on the old tales. The Reele and Trewe History of Newfoundland, written and directed by Ian Locke, takes you through a fast-paced and comedic look at the history of the island.

Featuring Mark Bradbury, Nick Hamlyn, Ian Locke, and Tom Brennan, Reele and Trewe is infused with music and improvisation. The cast use original songs and improv games to carry you from the very beginning of Newfoundland history until the present day, and often take crazy and zany detours along the way.

The cast of Reele and Trewe during an improv game.

Ian Locke playing Leif the Lucky.

Nick Hamlyn, Mark Bradbury, Tom Brennan, and Ian Locke.

Audience members are encouraged to get a drink from the bar, and shout out directions and encouragement for the cast. Some of the improv games will call for volunteers from the audience, to help the cast write a new song on the spot, or provide improvised sound effects for a scene. Don’t worry though – if you’re shy, just being a part of the audience is encouragement enough!

Mark Bradbury during a rap about Joey Smallwood – a stand-out highlight of the show.

Reele and Trewe can be seen at the Merchant Warehouse in Woody Point, NL on July 14, 2017 at 10pm, and on July 21, 2017 at 8pm. You can buy advance tickets by clicking here.