Gros Morne Theatre Festival announces 2017 season

Newfoundland Vinyl (2016).

The Gros Morne Theatre Festival has announced the details for their 2017 season, including ticket buying information! This year will bring six plays, 166 performances with over 35 artists to Cow Head, NL, running from June 3 until September 29.

From Theatre Newfoundland Labrador:

Theatre Newfoundland Labrador’s 2017 Gros Morne Theatre Festival is set to open on June 3rd with the comedy Fly Me to the Moon by Marie Jones followed by the dinner theatre SS Ethie  by Shane Ellis-Coates on June 10th, Newfoundland Vinyl directed by Allison Crowe on June 23rd, Heroes by Gerald Sibleyras, adapted by Tom Stoppard on Jun 30th, The Out Vigil by Julie McIsaac Neddy Norris Night directed by Stephanie Payne on July 27th

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Details on each play in the 2017 season:

Fly Me to the Moon by Marie Jones and directed by Jeff Pitcher is a quirky comedy with an Irish twist about a workday that goes from bad to worse. Frances and Loretta are homecare workers in Belfast. Their charge is an elderly man named Davy, who has a passion for Frank Sinatra and betting on the ponies. When Davy dies in the loo with an unclaimed winning race ticket sitting on his bureau, Frances and Loretta tell one lie that leads to another and another… and then another. Their attempt to beat the system throws them headlong into a hilarious yet wild ride… all in a day.

Heroes by Gérald Sibleyras is a French play translated by Tom Stoppard. Directed by Jerry Etienne, is fun and poignant story where we meet three World War I veterans who pass their days in a retirement home for veterans by engaging in verbal battles of their long-forgotten military campaigns, grumbling about the staff, and reflecting on their lives.Their cantankerous camaraderie becomes strained when Gustave conjures up an escape plan. Looking over the cemetery to the poplars beyond, they dream of freedom. Will today be the day they finally make it to Indochina or perhaps only as far as the top of the hill?

The Out Vigil by Julie McIsaac, Directed by Tamara McCarthy. Mere hours before the opening of the perilous king crab fishing season, Danny, a young Newfoundlander arrives in Alaska, desperate for a job. A local fisherman, Cal, grudgingly agrees to help him out, but past & present collide when Lizzie, his feisty young girlfriend from home, shows up. The Out Vigil takes on a bold new form of poetic naturalism that allows for a harmonious marriage of elements – fact and folklore, music and magic, the modern and the mythical.

In the Ethie Room of the Shallow Bay Motel is the fun and heart-felt music of Newfoundland Vinyl directed by Allison Crowe along with the perennial favourite dinner theatre S.S. Ethie by Shane Ellis Coates directed by Adam Brake and the Newfoundland and Labrador traditional music show Neddy Norris Night directed by Stephanie Payne. Our fourth Memorial Day Show will return for July 1st in Cow Head featuring four new soldiers with a special performance at the Lighthouse in Rocky Harbour on August 20th.

Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight will return with visiting guests including Daniel Payne, Shirley Montague and Jeff Anderson, Kevin Woolridge in his one man show All the Birds in their Birdhouses, Alison Crowe, Streel, Stephanie Payne and a special performance of Cast Jam comprised of GMTF artists.

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