As the allusive east coaster, I just traveled to Woody Point for the first time (since I was two, if you ask my mother). I’ve heard about these magical Woody Point Heritage Theatre Hey Rosetta! shows for a few years now, and thought well, hey, I need a vacation some time; and I hear the weather might be nicer over there.

It’s not like I won’t be seeing Hey Rosetta! in a couple days at the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival, which everyone in town cared to point out.


But there’s something different about Woody Point. I was in it for the adventure.

The weather was warm, the people were warmer, and the shows were something else.

The weather was warm, the people were warmer, and the shows were something else.

The crowd was relaxed but incredibly enthusiastic – we were all sweating it out together – seriously, the Heritage Theatre was warm and one can only take off so much clothes.


Steve Maloney opened solo and wowed us with a few new tunes, playing with some guitar looping and new sounds – before handing it over to his big bro Phil, drummer for Hey Rosetta!


The room was electric when Hey Rosetta! took the stage.

Pulling out some oldies like Lions For Scottie – and making me so nostalgic with Epitaph, the transitions throughout the night really exemplified how they’ve grown as a band and stylistically over their ten year run. Melting into everyone’s new favourite What Arrows (okay, it’s my favourite – but I’m okay with speaking collectively), and the crowd harmonizing to Bandages are just a couple of highlights from the two flawless performances.


…Stand By Me… made you just want to throw arms around the stranger next to you.

They even took the crowd by surprise, with a rendition of Ben E. King’s Stand By Me – where Steve Maloney jumped in on vocals at the second show – made you just want to throw arms around the stranger next to you. It was truly all I could do to step back and take it all in.


I attended both nights. And they were completely separate shows. Drastically different sets, coupled with completely contrasting audience atmosphere, and they were the climax of summer because this certainly won’t be topped.


Someone told me going to Woody Point is like summer camp for grown ups, and I say “sign me up.”

All I can say, is I know I’ll be back next year.

Photos by Tom Cochrane,

Alyson Samson

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