Ian Foster performs Ethie at the Ethie

St. John’s-based singer/songwriter Ian Foster viewed Trails, Tales, and Tunes 2015 as sort-of the end of a circular trip. He had been at Trails a few years back and had visited the Wreck of the SS Ethie, just north of Sally’s Cove on Route 430. If you visit the Ethie site, you’ll see that there isn’t a huge shipwreck waiting for you — it’s mostly large scraps of metal strewn about the beach.

Of course, this makes sense; the shipwreck happened in 1919, almost 100 years ago. Ian was struck by the absence of the Ethie, and used it as inspiration for a song which he recorded for his latest album, The Great Wave. So it seemed fitting to bring Ian back to the site of the SS Ethie to perform (and record) that song.

Ian tells the story far better than me.

Ian Foster at the SS Ethie site.

If you want to hear a little more of that pre-song interview (plus his great story of how he met two people who knew someone from the ship), here’s the extended version:

Tom Cochrane

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