Lady Brett Ashley perform at the Western Brook Pond trail in Gros Morne

Indie-rock group Lady Brett Ashley were in Gros Morne in early December to perform an intimate concert at the Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Centre in Norris Point. There was a perfect layer of thick, fresh snow coating allĀ of Gros Morne, so naturally we had to get outside and create something in it. What better backdrop than the fjord at Western Brook Pond? Plus, with songs about snow, winter, and mountains, it fit pretty perfectly. This is called Monet Love Story.

With the snow covered ground and the snow covered hills in the background, this was such a treat to work on. If you missed their performance in Norris Point, Lady Brett Ashley fell in love with Gros Morne (and it sounds like Norris Point fell in love with Lady Brett Ashley) so I’m sure they’ll be back!

Lady Brett Gros Morne-5

Lady Brett Gros Morne-12

Find out more about Lady Brett Ashley on their Facebook page or BandCamp website.

Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane is a digital storyteller and the creative director of Old Crow Magazine. Tom's photography and videography work can be found at Tom is based in Newfoundland, Canada.