On the Glenburnie Flats, 1900

Cattle on beach at Glenburnie

Here on the shallow beach at Glenburnie, a group of sailors in uniform have just landed their small boats, one of which flies what seems to be the Union Jack. Perhaps, after sighting the cattle they are looking for Hugh Mackenzie, who farmed here at the bottom of Western (Southern) Arm. He sold meat, eggs and vegetables to visiting naval ships – both British and French.

On the left, one can barely make out the roof of the Anglican school-chapel built on Birchy Head in 1871, and faintly across the arm signs of settlers’ houses, long since gone.

(Original photo enhanced by Ed Huberty from “Views of Newfoundland” by Simeon Parsons, a St. John’s-based photographer.)

Antony Berger

Antony Berger is the author of The Good and Beautiful Bay: A History of Bonne Bay (to Confederation and a Little Beyond).