Shirley Montague and Lou McDonald sing Bronze Plateau, all about the Tablelands

On a bright September afternoon, a large crowd headed into St. Pat’s in Woody Point to see Lou McDonald and Shirley Montague perform together. The pair of cousins (by marriage, Shirley is quick to say) riff off each other beautifully and watching them play together is a treat.

Shirley’s song Bronze Plateau is all about the Tablelands — easily one of the coolest areas of Gros Morne National Park.


Shirley Montague and Lou McDonald at St. Pat’s was presented by Gros Morne Summer Music, a music festival based in Woody Point and Corner Brook, running from July until October. Learn more about Gros Morne Summer Music at

Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane is a digital storyteller and the creative director of Old Crow Magazine. Tom's photography and videography work can be found at Tom is based in Newfoundland, Canada.