Skye Wallace plays Scarlet Fever in the Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital museum

When Skye Wallace came through Norris Point, NL in May 2016, we couldn’t resist pairing her song Scarlet Fever with the incredible (and somewhat spooky) hospital museum room at the Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Centre (the old Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital).

Skye was joined by Rachael Cardiello on viola and Michelle Faerhmann on cello, along with Bryn Besse (playing the typewriter), James Burrows (Doctor 1), David Newberry (Doctor 2), and Jim MacDonald (Patient 1).

Huge thanks to Joanie Cranston and Gary Wilton at the Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Centre (old Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital). Drop by the Centre in Norris Point to check out the museum room for yourself!

Learn more about Skye Wallace at her website,


Skye Wallace was in Gros Morne National Park to perform at the Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Centre in Norris Point, NL.

Tom Cochrane

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