Ten Reasons Why Norris Point is a Magical Northern Town

Norris Point – a town of 750 on the North end of Bonne Bay in Gros Morne – may be a flurry of activity with tourists and adventurers in the summer, but in the winter the town transforms into a cozy, mountainous escape.

Ten Reasons Why Norris Point is a Magical Northern Town:

1. There are mountains on every side.


Literally no matter where you turn, you will see mountains. There are awesome views of the Tablelands, Gros Morne, AND Old Crow Mountain. And a bunch more.

2. The calm waters of Bonne Bay are the most soothing thing.


The water also has a totally unique and striking shade of blue and is wildly clear. You will be tempted to wade into the bay in March. Don’t do that. Please.

3. The Magical Nordic Shed full of antlers.


There is nothing more Nordic than antlers on red sheds.

4. Cozy shows at the Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Centre, where totally magical moments are created in an old Cottage Hospital.

norris point 004.2

Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital, home to the warmest folks, wine, and the hostel right upstairs. The closest you will come to kozelig this side of Norway.

5. Morning tea with THIS VIEW.


Tea on the deck of the Norris Point International Backpacker’s Hostel. Also wine.

6. Picnics on the beach are still fair game in winter.

IMG_9271 IMG_9277

They just come in a thermos instead.

7. The snow covered Tablelands are magnificent from every angle.


And you’ll want to see them from every angle.

8. Gorgeous views of the Bonne Bay Marine Station will make you want to become a marine biologist.


Or at least check out the view from the giant round windows.

9. Amazing views from the Burnt Hill Trail.


Like the glowing Tablelands as the sun sets behind Bonne Bay.

10. But also glowing Gros Morne Mountain.


Heather Nolan

Heather Nolan is a photographer, writer, musician, dreamer, and avid beach rock collector currently based in Corner Brook, NL.