The Kilted Chef is Gros Morne’s first Chef-in-Residence

Nova Scotia-based Chef Alain Bosse, better known as The Kilted Chef (named so for the kilts he wears) spent a week in early June in Gros Morne National Park as the inaugural Chef-in-Residence for Gros Morne.

The new chef-in-residence program in Gros Morne falls under the Savour Gros Morne banner, a new branch of Creative Gros Morne. From Creative Gros Morne:

Creative Gros Morne drives the mandate of making Gros Morne a national centre for culture and creativity, inspired by and reflecting the natural environment. Savour Gros Morne seeks to extend this mandate to the world of food, drawing ingredients from the local land and ocean waters, inspiring culinary creativity and dishes to savour.”

Chef Bosse spent the week travelling around the Gros Morne region, hosting dinners in established restaurants (like at the Seaside Restaurant in Trout River and the Oceanview Hotel in Rocky Harbour), mentoring some local restaurateurs, talking with school children, and hosting pop-up food events in locations like Western Brook Pond, the Norris Point waterfront, and the Gros Morne Discovery Centre.

Have a look at some of the events below, and check out the video above to see what The Kilted Chef had to say about the experience.

Pop-up at the Discovery Centre:


The Kilted Chef at the Seaside Restaurant in Trout River:


Pop-up event at Western Brook Pond:


Pop-up event at the Rocky Harbour waterfront:


Prep for dinner at Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse:

Tom Cochrane

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