The March Hare 2016 tour makes a stop in Gros Morne


Gerry Strong performing at the March Hare at the Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital.

The March Hare tour stopped in Norris Point this year, bringing with it some of Newfoundland and Labradors finest authors and musicians.

Setting up shop in the Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Centre, the celebrated literary festival presented songs and stories from Anita Best, Gerry Strong, Bernice Morgan, Jim Payne, Stan Dragland, and Jennifer Morgan. The Norris Point performance comes after a week of touring, including stops in New York, Toronto, Parry Sound, Halifax, St. John’s, Arnold’s Cove, Renews, Freshwater, Tilting, Gander, and Deer Lake.

Here’s a little bit of what the event looked and sounded like:

Gerry Strong performing a set of singles:



Jennifer Morgan telling stories about her great-grandfather, Thomas Moyst. Moyst was second engineer aboard the SS Caribou when it was torpedoed in October 1942.


Jim Payne performs brand new songs for the audience at the Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital.


Bernice Morgan reading at the 2016 March Hare in Norris Point.


Stan Dragland reads from his newest book of essays, Strangers & Others.


Stan Dragland closes out the 2016 March Hare at the Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Centre in Norris Point.

The March Hare literary festival takes place every year in the second week of March, touring from St. John’s to Corner Brook (with lots of stops in between, and often stops in Toronto, Halifax, and other large centres). Learn more about the March Hare at

Tom Cochrane

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