With Gros Morne National Park along the western coast of Newfoundland, amazing sunsets are aplenty. All throughout the Park are countless places for you to stop for a few minutes and take in the amazing colours of the sun as the day ends.

We collected our top 5 places to watch a sunset in Gros Morne. These are listed in no particular order, so let us know what you think in the comments at the bottom!

1. Trout River

Photo: Tom Cochrane

Almost anywhere in Trout River can show you an amazing sunset, but two places in particular will blow your mind with gorgeousness. The first, and easiest, is just the Trout River beach. With parking available along the edge of the beach, a fantastic boardwalk, and places to get food and snacks we’ve spent many evenings watching the sun set here. Plus, if you’re really lucky and there at the right time of year, you might get to watch the capelin rolling, or watch some whales play in the waning light!

The other spot in Trout River is a little bit more adventurous, but still relatively easy to get to. The Eastern Point Trail in Trout River takes you out to the very edge of the cove, allowing you to look back in at the town, the cove, and out at the water as the sun sets over it. There is a fairly steep set of stairs that you’ll have to get up at the very beginning of the trail, but it’s mostly flat after that.

2. Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse

Photo: Tom Cochrane

Finding the right words to describe watching a sunset at Lobster Cove Head is very difficult, but here goes: amazing. Awe-inspiring. Stunning. With all kinds of different vantage points, you can catch the setting sun from a number of different angles. My personal favourite is to climb up to the base of the lighthouse tower and let the warm sunset light wash over you.

3. Shallow Bay in Cow Head

Photo: Tom Cochrane

There’s just something about the way that the light from the setting sun hits the water and the beach at Shallow Bay that is so magical. Even better: because the water is so shallow here, you can get in a sunset swim!

4. Rocky Harbour

Similar to Trout River, almost any location in Rocky Harbour will allow you to catch a fantastic sunset, but my personal favourite is to clamber down along the rocks in the cover to get right at water level. From there, sometimes the water can look like it’s turning the same red, orange, and purple at the sky overhead. Plus, if it’s the right time of year you can watch the sun set directly behind Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse.

Honourable mention in Rocky Harbour: Salmon Point!

Photo: Tom Cochrane

5. The Coastal Trail

Want to get in a short, easy hike during sunset? Head to the Coastal Trail. The path will take you right along the coast, allowing you to watch the sunset as you stroll.

What do you think? What is your favourite sunset spot in Gros Morne? Let us know in the comments!

Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane is a digital storyteller and the creative director of Old Crow Magazine. Tom's photography and videography work can be found at tomcochranephoto.com. Tom is based in Newfoundland, Canada.