Violinist Lynn Kuo performs Fritz Kreisler Recitativo and Scherzo Caprice

Violinist Lynn Kuo has been returning to the Gros Morne region as the resident violinist with Gros Morne Summer Music for a few years. Originally from Stephenville and now based in Toronto, Lynn has performed around the world, in the United States, Wales, Austria, Hungary, and more.

While in Gros Morne in 2016, Lynn joined us at St. Pats in Woody Point to record this performance of Fritz Kreisler’s Recitativo and Scherzo Caprice.

You can find out more about Lynn Kuo at her website,

Lynn Kuo was in Gros Morne to perform with Gros Morne Summer Music. Find out more about Gros Morne Summer Music at their website.

Tom Cochrane

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